We are so excited that you are in interested in being baptized! Baptism is a big step in your life, and we want to confirm that you understand this decision. Please read over the following information which describes what baptism is and what it symbolizes. There are also two audio messages that you can listen to along with further written material if you wish to explore the subject more deeply.
What is Baptism?
Baptism is the outward demonstration of an inward decision to follow Christ. It is a symbol of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a public profession of your faith, showing other believers that you have placed your trust in Jesus Christ. We practice baptism because Jesus not only commanded His followers to do so, but He did it Himself. We baptize by immersion because that is the way it is done in the Bible. We only baptize those who have first put their faith in Christ and will not baptize those who haven’t yet made that commitment. We do not believe that the Bible teaches that baptism cleanses a person of their sins nor do we believe that it is a mandatory prerequisite for eternity in heaven.  
If you would like to get on a list to be baptized during the next time we schedule baptisms, or if you would like more information or would like to speak more with a Pastor on the subject, please click the link below and specify your request.
You can watch the short video below to give you a better view of what exactly will happen the day of your baptism, what it looks like in the baptismal area and what items you will need to bring. 
Each person being baptized will need to have a short video of them giving their personal story about following Christ. This video will be filmed ahead of time at the church and you will need to schedule with Louie what times work best for you. Each person’s video will be a couple of minutes long and should address these three key issues: 1. Your life before Christ (please refrain from explicit details about past sins or possible negative references to specific churches, denominations or people); 2. The circumstances surrounding you coming to know Christ as your Savior; 3. Your life since deciding to follow Christ.
We understand that there are many different views and practices of baptism so if you have a question that you don’t find an answer for in the audio or written material, please feel free to ask!
We are so excited about your commitment to Jesus, and that you want to take a step forward by being baptized!!

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